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I spent eleven years as an Assistant Ingham County Prosecutor, working to fight crime, hold offenders accountable, and provide services to crime victims. Despite my background as a prosecutor, I have never believed that "lock them up and throw away the key" is the right approach in most cases. All too often, young adults and persons of color are caught up in the system, simply due to a past transgression.

I'm working for progressive changes in the criminal justice system. This campaign is a continuation of the work I've done in a 35-year career. I've investigated child welfare agencies, prosecuted domestic violence and sexual assault, worked with the Michigan Race Equity Coalition, and developed policies to stop the over-representation of minorities in juvenile facilities.

In this year's election, I'm running as a Democratic candidate for Prosecutor. But justice, fairness, and equality should not belong to just one party. Working together, we can build a system that stops crime, and provides justice for all.

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Received 'very positive' rating from the Lansing Association for Human Rights- Political Action Committee (LAHR-PAC)
Received 'very supportive of working families' rating from Local 459 of Office and Professional Employees International Union

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